• Projet Algo Nomade

Josiane Provencher and her Music'alg!

Josiane is a full of life and colorful 25 year old young lady from Quebec. Since the Fall 2016, she has been traveling in Europe seeking for local initiatives on seaweeds. Through her Project Algo Nomade, she aims to try being in algae stakeholder's shoes, in order to develop educational and artistic activities once back to Québec. She is a singer in a band which draws its influences in the traditional musics, Josiane highlights seaweeds through songs!

Josiane has a work-holidays visa in France and navigates between meetings, woofing and jobs with a link to algae. Ater a few weeks in Brittany, she will go to the South West of France, Portugal, Norway and Ireland: Algonauts and friends, do not miss this opportunity to spend some time with her!

We follow Josiane and while waiting for the opening of her Musicalg show, you can discover her first tune in which she introduces her project!


Josiane in Rimouski, Quebec. Photo credits: Laure-Edwige Cardinal

Josiane, who are you?

I graduated in education and I love seaweeds. I decided to travel for one year in Europe in order to look for local activities which use seaweeds in various fields like art, agriculture, health, food or sustainability. Seaweeds are famous because of sushis,they are numerous more reasons to be appreciated!

What is your objective?

I will take advantage of my work-holiday visa and my globe-trotter disposition for learning how these persons work on algae. Then, I want to develop original, artistic and educational activities for the general public, particularly through songs which will promote all these initiatives!

How was born this idea?

Before starting the Projet Algo Nomade, I had a very exciting experience while staying at Varech Phare Est in Gaspesie, in Quebec. I collected seaweeds with this very friendly harvester and run an educative booth for discovering seaweed products. There are more and more initiatives going on in Quebec on seaweeds, and after Europe, I will definitely visit them.

Why do you start with Europe?

While searching information about seaweeds, I discover many interesting information which were taking place in Brittany or in other coastal areas, the other side of the ocean. I felt that I should start in there. Europe is the beginning, because an algal journey can be an internatioal life project.

What do you mean about small initiatives ?

I mean the local stakeholders, such as local entrepreneurs, cooperatives, NGOS, communities, artisan, educational centers, etc. I consider that they bring solutions for the future of the planet. Some of them contribute to a local economy and others provide access to an important knowledge.

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