Discover algal recipes and selected anecdotes from the Algonauts’ Road in the book “Do you know how to taste… algae”.

Marfaing H., Lemarié J., Mollo P., Vigneau J., Quéva R., Le Joncour C., Mischlich D. (dir). Savez-vous goûter… les algues ?. Presses de l’EHESP, 2016, 128p.

Will algae be part of our shopping carts? Extremely common in Asia, renowned for their nutritional benefits, these sea vegetables provide texture, color and enhanced flavors to our dishes.

Chefs from France, Japan, Ireland and Quebec share 90 recipes which enrich your everyday cooking with unusual and energizing.

More than a simple collection of recipes, this book is an opportunity to learn more about the scientific and historical aspects of algae, and leave the reader thinking about the role of seaweeds and microalgae in the diet of the future.

With contributions from: Jean-Paul Bonhoure, Jacques Brégeon George Garcia, Anne-Gaëlle Jacquin, Guy Prigent.