I am very excited to launch today this new Algonauts Project website!

Six years ago, I started a journey around the world - called The Algonaut’s Road - to meet people working on algae and bringing solutions for sustainability. More than 150 interviews, 200 hours of videos and hundreds of pages of transcripts later, there are so many inspiring stories and pearls of wisdom that they must absolutely be shared with the world!

Since the very beginning, my main objective was to share the enthusiasm about algae and science with the largest number of people possible. A partial transmission took place through conferences and articles. To disseminate all my content, I have long considered the option of a book or a film. I made several starts, but it always felt limiting.

I live now in California near Silicon Valley and it is hard not to be convinced by the power and the flexibility of Internet ! With this inspiration, and the collaboration and patient teachings of friends, I’m very happy to present to you www.algonauts.org, a completely free and independent website, fueled by conviction.

There are several different sections:

  • The main content is devoted to interviews with a page for each Algonauts;
  • In another section, Jacqueline Algane narrates a semi-fictional account of what the world of algae might look like to an outsider;
  • In the section Algae2030, some examples of algal applications and researches are connected to the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations in 2015.

The project has evolved and the Algonauts’Road has been rechristned the Algonauts Project. The most exciting part lies in the ability to engage with the Algonauts and the audience in an ongoing manner. The discussion continues a few years later: what changes in their projects, what results, what lessons? The site offers the opportunity to present the science in progress and to deepen the question of sustainability.

Starting with a small set of interviews and narrative arcs, updates will be added on www.algonauts.org regularly.

I wish you an enjoyable visit on the new Algonauts website !