October 12th: World Algae Day!

The algae could finally have their World Day!

The idea, launched by Jörg Ullmann in collaboration with World Algae News, proposes to celebrate the World Algae Day on the 12th of October every year.

world algae day

The objective of this day will be to raise public awareness on the fundamental role of algae and their increasing importance in our lives. The World Algal Day will be proposed to the United Nations and the World Health Organization for being added in the list of official commemorative and awareness days.

We could not agree more and we are delighted with this prospect! Since 2010, the Route des Algonautes aims to highlight the under-exploited potential of algae and to share the enthusiasm for these fascinating plants.

To celebrate the first World Algae Day in 2017, discover new portraits of Algonauts, some flashback with the algonauts junior at school and the most recent chronicles of Jacqueline Algane: Jacqueline talks about her culinary discovery of seaweeds, phycocolloides which score points at Scrabble and marine biofouling.